Monday, 26 February 2018

Episode 22

This episode of "What's Up?" we discuss the launch of several things in Space; the Falcon Heavy payload of a Tesla model S, and "The Humanity Star".

For more information on the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and the events on offer, click here.

Music by: Lino Rise 
Title: “Intro Eagle One”

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  1. This was not easy to find! It would be much easier to have a sub Reddit or discord channel. But never the less. To respond to the question about should anyone be able to put stuff in space or not. I feel space is for everyone, I think of ESA or NASA as publicly funded ventures open to all. Where as if a private company wants to invest in time this technology will filter down and benefit everyone. I showed a lot of my classes the launch video and they all thought the landing of the two rockets was amazing. Interesting all the younger pupils naturally thought the video of the car in space was fake green screen. My only worry that you guys mentioned is who manages the amount of junk that is put into space. Yep it's very large but there has to be a limit of what can go in orbit. The idea of art installations in space for a short time seems a great way to inspire and grow interest in space.

    For a future podcast would you guys consider talking about trips to Mars. I am working through the Houston we have a podcast, and it's clear from that Nasa are pushing the Mars mission. Be interesting to hear your thoughts with things like the Martian and Mars on Netflix it's growing in social conscious.

    Thanks for the podcast and the Monday night talks you guys do, really appreciate you putting time to this.